We offer a multitude of different carriers that are all NO CONTRACT, NO CREDIT CHECK, you’re Pre-approved! Come in for prices and what you see is what you get with no added taxes or fees like the big guys. Bring your phone to get it activated or if you don’t have a phone, you can purchase a phone from us. Here is a breakdown of our prepaid carriers come in with your inquires!

Unlimited Data

Unlimited data sounds appealing at first until you start to see how slow your data has become. Majority of the prepaid carriers offer unlimited data, with that said, unlimited data will have a throttle point once the data has reach the companies set high speed limit. What that means to you is you will get to watch movies at a clarity of a 480p or 720p video. Once the limit of high speed internet is reached, your data speed will be reduced to a 600 kbps which means your video quality will be reduced and might even be pixelated.