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Smartphone Repairs

These are some of the common smartphone issues we fix:

Screen Replacement

A cracked phone screen is a common issue, and not one you want to put off fixing. Smartphone screens are made of glass, so there could be dangerous shards. If you have accidentally dropped your smartphone and your screen is cracked, let a professional change the screen for you.

Charging Port Repair

Having a phone that’s not charging can quickly become a big problem. If your smartphone’s not charging and you don’t see any damage to your cord, you may have an issue with your charging port. Don’t worry, it can be fixed, let us handle it.

Battery Replacement

If your smartphone is running slower than usual, charging more slowly, or maybe shutting down unexpectedly, you may have an issue with your battery. In this case, the best thing to do is to replace your device's battery.

Signal Issue

Signal issues may be due to various reasons, from bad weather to a malfunctioning SIM card. But if it’s not due to any of those, it may be a problem with your smartphone. Don’t worry, it’s fixable, we can help!

Water Damage Repair

Water doesn’t usually mix well with technology, so your smartphone falling into the pool or the sink can be stressful. Take it out of the water as quickly as possible, don’t turn it on, and don’t plug it in. Then give us a call. We can help.

Touch Screen Repair

You use your smartphone all the time, and if the touch screen isn’t working, it can be very frustrating. This could be a hardware or a software problem, meaning it might be that the digitizer isn’t working, or you’re smartphone isn’t communicating with it, either way, we can fix it!

Network Unlock

This means that you can use your smartphone with different carriers, so you can then use your smartphone with any network. This is useful if you want to, for example, switch networks but not phones. Don’t worry, we can do it!

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My Smartphone is broken!

Our society cannot be without a smartphone these days. Therefore, smartphones are a big part of our daily lives. We use them for business and cannot allow our business to escape our presences. Some people use their smartphones to communicate with family and friends. Most importantly, your smartphone is our number 1 priority. We promised to get the repair resolved quickly and correctly to ensure the finished repair looks as new as factory. Call us today to schedule your appointment to have an experienced technician repair your smartphone.

Own an HTC, LG or Google device with damages in your hand/pocket? Whatever Smartphone device you have, we will get the repair done quickly to get you back to the rest of your day.

If your device listed, contact us at 619.440.ZONE (9663) for all pricing.

My Smartphone is broken!

Don’t have time to wait for a tech to look at your phone. Book an appointment online today. This will allow you to walk into the store and have your device be seen right away by a technician. Click HERE to schedule your appointment.

What Customers Say?

Here are testimonials from customers that we have worked with and are happy to share their

opinion about the process and the results.
Joey Gomez
Joey Gomez
Fixed my phone really good and they made it look new and very good quality
Ray Viz
Ray Viz
Excellent service at front desk and tec service!
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores
Great spot for repairs. Best customer service!! Thanks phone zone wireless for taking care of me and my fam. Cheaper than my insurance deductible or Apple care!!
Matthew Riggs
Matthew Riggs
Nick was awesome and do helpful with my mom. Highly recommend.
Junior Maldonado
Junior Maldonado
These guys are great! Good price and fast service!! Thanks Phone Zone!!
Russ Grassa
Russ Grassa
Service was reasonably priced. It only took an hour and everything looks perfect. My expectations were definitely exceeded.
Tim Livesey
Tim Livesey
Awesome store with great customer service! Jason took great care of me when I cracked my phone screen. Excellent prices. A+++, highly recommended!
Belinda Wilkins
Belinda Wilkins
You can always count on this place when you need electronic repairs. They even have accessories and electronics for sale. Friendly and helpful staff
Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project our customer inquires about.

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