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Google Pixel 7 Repair

The Pixel 7 is a beautifully designed phone that packs a lot of features into a compact form factor. The camera is excellent, and an ultrawide lens is a welcome addition. Using Google AI to power the processor makes the phone faster and more efficient.
The software features are also handy, making the Pixel 7 one of the most well-rounded phones on the market.
If your phone is starting to act up and you don't have the money to buy a new one, bring your Pixel 7 to Phone Zone Wireless for repair. We'll look at it and let you know what's wrong with it. We also offer a wide range of services, from screen repairs to water damage repairs.
Don't spend another day struggling with a broken phone. Instead, bring it to Phone Zone Wireless, and we'll fix it for you in no time!


Pixel 7 Screen Repair

The 6.3-inch OLED on the Pixel 7 is a tad smaller than the previous pixel's 6.4 inches, but there is no change in resolution, and it still has a 90Hz top refresh rate. The Google Pixel 7 Pro's display is incredible. It is 6.7-inches and has a resolution of 3120x1440 with eye-catching, brilliant colors that are precise.
Gorilla Glass is a type of glass that has been chemically strengthened. It was developed and manufactured by Corning and is now in its seventh generation. However, even Gorilla Glass, designed to be thin and lightweight while remaining resistant to damage, can crack.
Phone Zone Wireless will fix your screen quickly! We have a team of experienced technicians who will care for your phone.

Google Pixel 7 Signal Issue

If you're a Pixel 7 or 7 Pro user and have network reception problems, there are a few steps you can take to try to fix the issue. First, contact Verizon to ensure your phone is provisioned correctly into their system.
Bring your phone to Phone Zone Wireless if you have signal issues. We'll look at it and let you know what's wrong with it. Don't spend time struggling with a broken phone. Instead, bring it to Phone Zone Wireless, and we'll fix it!

Google Pixel 7 Water Damage Repair

Accidents happen, even to the most careful of people. So what do you do if you drop your new Pixel 7 in water and it starts to malfunction?
Dropping your phone in water can cause a lot of damage, including shorting out the circuitry, warping or swelling the chassis, and rusting internal components. If this happens, your phone is likely not going to work anymore.
Phone Zone Wireless technicians are experienced in water damage repair and will be able to fix your phone in no time. We have a wide range of services, from screen repairs to water damage repairs.

Which phone is better, Pixel or Galaxy?
Despite some commendable features of the Pixel 7, the Galaxy S22 is a better phone overall. With its powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, 120Hz refresh rate display, and promise of regular updates, it narrowly beats out the Pixel 7.
Does the Pixel 7 have a headphone jack?
Although Google's new smartphones don't have an audio jack, they make up for it with stereo speakers. One speaker is located at the bottom, next to the USB-C port, while the other is situated above the phone display and acts as the earpiece.
Is Google Pixel 7 waterproof?
The Pixel 7 Pro, 7, 6a, 6 Pro, and 6 phones (as well as the 5G model) are designed to be water-resistant; however, normal wear and tear over time can reduce this feature.

What Customers Say?

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Joey Gomez
Joey Gomez
Fixed my phone really good and they made it look new and very good quality
Ray Viz
Ray Viz
Excellent service at front desk and tec service!
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores
Great spot for repairs. Best customer service!! Thanks phone zone wireless for taking care of me and my fam. Cheaper than my insurance deductible or Apple care!!
Matthew Riggs
Matthew Riggs
Nick was awesome and do helpful with my mom. Highly recommend.
Junior Maldonado
Junior Maldonado
These guys are great! Good price and fast service!! Thanks Phone Zone!!
Russ Grassa
Russ Grassa
Service was reasonably priced. It only took an hour and everything looks perfect. My expectations were definitely exceeded.
Tim Livesey
Tim Livesey
Awesome store with great customer service! Jason took great care of me when I cracked my phone screen. Excellent prices. A+++, highly recommended!
Belinda Wilkins
Belinda Wilkins
You can always count on this place when you need electronic repairs. They even have accessories and electronics for sale. Friendly and helpful staff
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