Water Damage Repair

Did water get into my device? Accidentally jump into the pool with my phone? My phone was on the restaurant table and someone bumped the table and the soda spilled all over my device!

Accidents happen all the time. Here at Phone Zone Wireless, we have seen a number of different scenarios of water damaged devices. We have been able to save 80% of the devices in which had liquid damages. If your device suffers from liquid damage, bring it to a location near you to have it checked by a Phone Zone Technician. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Don’t have time to wait for a tech to look at your phone. Book an appointment online today. This will allow you to walk into the store and have your device be seen right away by a technician. Click HERE to schedule your appointment.

I love this place I've been here several times having iPhone screens replaced and speaker done for my phone always super amazing people their. turnaround time is faster than any other place I've been .recommended it to many people .

Michael F.

Where do I start! My son has always been going here for his phone repairs and I needed my screen fixed because I cracked it and couldn't use my phone. Steve not only told me he could fix it for such a great deal that saved me over $150, but that he would have it ready in 1 hour! I was so happy that when I walked in the shop he told me he also gave me a temper screen protector on my phone to protect it from cracking again. I'm so happy that I don't need to eat a new phone or replacement because it's such a hassle. Thank you guys so much for your fast and honest service, you have gained a customer for life and I'll be sending all my family and friends here!

Souzi J.